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New write up on My latest thoughts on IBS

August 2019 I have written about my plight for the first time in a while. Please check it out and maybe see how similar yet so different the plight of daily living with the condition actually affects us fellow sufferers.


Living with IBS

Living with IBS isn’t an easy task. On a day to day basis we barely know what we can expect. It’s a constant battle of the mind and body and one we don’t know if we will ever get any peace from. Living day in day out with this on us is difficult to say the least, but we must do what we can to keep this from beating us.

My battles with foods are not as simple as I’d like them to be ... I’ve always been a faddy eater. I get bored with foods really easy and most days I don’t even eat enough calories to keep a mouse going. But then other days I eat enough for a small army .. nothings ever simple.

When I was told to look into the fodmap way of eating I was like.. hell, how is that going to help me ? How am I ever going to follow such a restricted diet with my track record ? How will my brain stop me from eating badly on my bad food days?

Researching the whole thing first was daunting .. being told certain foods which I love, I cannot have any more. Testing reactions to those foods after abstaining from them, and monitoring the whole situation wasn’t something I looked forward to at all. Your relationship with food isn’t supposed to be this way .. is it ?

 In this section of my website I am going to try and detail this period in my life, as much as I can remember and hopefully it can help someone in a similar situation.

There may be a lot to read so please be prepared.