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As IBS sufferers we will at some point want or need help getting to grips with our condition, its not an easy thing to have to cope with day in day out. There will be days when we just want to give up, sleep the whole day through, sit and cry in a corner or really want to rip our insides out due to the pain and discomfort we are constantly having to endure. Its totally understandable that we will turn to anyone who wants to listen and offer us advice. Advice that can at that moment be comforting and make us feel that this it, this is the solution to my problem, yet in reality it isnt a solution at all ... mainly because we are all different, what works for someone else could actually make you worse.

The internet is a great place to research our condition but its not always the right information. It's great that everyone shares their stories and offers advice on what theyve done and gone through but what we really need is the help of Professionals. The NHS can only do so much in this country and as such we may feel that we are being pushed aside to deal with things alone ... I know thats how i feel about the treatment I recieved from the NHS.

I found The IBS Network while searching for IBS charities as I wanted to do something with my running to help an IBS charity ... The IBS Network was the only UK charity that i found. I researched what they did and what they offer in respects of the IBS sufferers out there and found the information and the offer of help and professional advice that i needed. So I contacted them and the rest is why i'm here today writing this section of my website.

Please take the time out to see what they can do and offer to you as a fellow sufferer. Get the right information from the right people for the job and do yourself a favour.





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