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IBS Social media

There are many sources of groups on Facebook and around the internet as a whole, but many of them do not offer professional help or advice although there are a few. Should you wish to use Social media for recreational use it can be a great help with your free time. Its an easy way to gain new friends who share the same condition and will know and be able to empathise with your symptoms through your journey.

I joined an online forum on facebook where members all share their stories, symptoms and general unpleasantries that wouldnt look good on normal social networking pages. But we all get along and share tips, recipes and even just the time of day.

The Fodmappers forums on facebook is now a place I can be a part of and help out in an admin role, when needed. And now they are supporting me in this challenge, for which I am eternally grateful.

Note from its creator

The Low Fodmap Journey Facebook page and The Fodmappers Forum Facebook group have been set up with the aim to creating a positive outlook when starting out on the Low Fodmap diet. Many groups have a negative atmosphere and are based upon what ‘Fodmappers’ CAN’T eat, not what they CAN. Changing this outlook is what we have strived for. Within a year of running Fodmappers not only do we have the successful page and group on Facebook, but this led us to creating a fully workable website which has lots of recipes for all to enjoy, guest journeys and experiences including my own. There are over 1,130 members on the Facebook page and the Fodmappers Forum. Each member can choose to be ‘silent’ or join in the conversation in a safe and moderated group. Each member is screened upon joining for safety and comfort of others. Recipes are shared, food tips, experiences and all within a safe ‘closed’ group as the page is public and people may not want to divulge too much information in that way. Come and join the Low Fodmap Journey Facebook page, Fodmappers Forum or look at the Fodmappers website, to see how we can help you win your battle against IBS. It is life changing.

Follow the link FODMAPPERS LINK